» » Vídeo da Semana: Jimi Hendrix Experience - Royal Albert Hall - London Feb. 24, 1969

Artist: The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Date: Feb. 24, 1969
Location: Royal Albert Hall, London
Lineup: Jimi Hendrix (guitar, vocals), Noel Redding (bass/backing vocals) and Mitch Mitchell (drums).
1. Lover Man
Stone Free (footage currently unavailable)
2. Hear My Train A' Comin'
3. I Don't Live Today
Red House (footage currently unavailable)
4. Foxy Lady
Sunshine Of Your Love (footage currently unavailable)
5. Bleeding Heart
6. Fire
7. Little Wing
8. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
9. Room Full Of Mirrors jam
10. Purple Haze
11. Wild Thing
- plus additional materials -
12. Hound Dog (acoustic)
13. Interview
Technical information -
Original footage was mono, songs were out of sequence, many scenes were out of sync to the music. many songs had entire segments missing (incomplete), all the color was tinted orange and green, all the contrast was washed out, picture was grainy and noisy. Numerous audience scenes showed the audience looking bored or distracted (probably filmed during the opening support acts)
I have corrected all these issues. Stereo audio replacing mono audio, songs restored to correct sequence of actual concert, out of sync shots have been adjusted to be in sync, missing footage has been carefully replaced by creating all new slow motion effects and photo montages, the overall orange and green tint has been colour corrected, flat washed out contrast has been adjusted, video noise has been addressed with noise reduction (although the result is not perfect). Inappropriate and boring audience scenes have been removed. Any slow motion effects and photo montages were added with care to retain as much actual performance footage as possible.
Special thanks to Ray Rae, M. Parker and Purple Jim
Kurt Max ~ 2015
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